A family-owned and operated company, Ciara Enterprises LLC provides Fundraising, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Tactical Execution, as well as Sales/Marketing and Distribution Strategies for non-profit and for-profit organizations. We help companies make key decisions that can: boost productivity, decrease or eliminate processes that have ceased working and help companies become more profitable.

Our Mission:

We position our clients to achieve their goals by collaborating and listening to their ideas, to develop comprehensive strategies around:

  • Fundraising
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales/Marketing and Distribution
Importantly, we understand the need to align activities with an organization's internal resources, culture and strategic goals.

By providing the highest quality of consulting services that address your company's complex challenges, Ciara Enterprises sees and understands the lesson’s available to organizations during these challenging times. Ciara shows its customers how to “Change the climate” for your business or organization. We show you how discipline, organizational structure, courage and technology can turn the tide for your organization.

Ciara Enterprises can assist your company in building a better and stronger organiztion by moving your company towards excellence…STEP BY STEP Dedicated in helping you build high impact performance teams and leadership strength, our goal is to help your company succeed with forward thinking goals and objectives designed to drive growth, increase team efficiency and impact your company's bottom line

Our focus is to assist businesses like yours gain market dominance by providing strategic operational strategy, sales and marketing innovation, and strong fundraising capabilites for your team of professionals at all levels within your company. The team at Ciara Enterprises examines, analizes, and design- solutions that allow both small and large firms to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.


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